This exciting opportunity to receive a grant of up to US$5,000 from the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) is open to libraries that took part in the EIFL-PLIP capacity building programme for 11 public libraries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that was implemented in 2015-2017.

In offering these grants, our aim is to encourage service innovation, using computers and the internet, to meet needs of children and youth. Projects that focus on improving employment and education chances for youth will be given a priority. 

Grants will be offered on a competitive basis to three libraries, which took part in the EIFL-PLIP capacity buiilding programme. Click here to confirm that your library is eligible to apply.

The deadline for submitting applications is 14th July 2017.

Serving children and youth needs and changing lives: Proposals should aim to develop projects in which the library uses information and communication technology (ICT) to provide better and engaging services to children and youth that would lead to better education results or/and employability. Proposals must clearly describe the project, its impact in the target group and how the library will sustain the project at the end of the EIFL-PLIP grant period.

Projects activities, including implementation and impact assessment should should be completed within 10 months. We expect to sign grant contracts in September 2017.

Co-funding: Applicants must seek additional support – funding or in-kind support for their projects from other funders or partners (including government, NGOs, community organizations, the community). 

EIFL-PLIP will NOT fund purchase of computers and costs of internet connectivity. We will also NOT fund construction, reconstruction, renovation or extension of buildings, electric power installations or purchace of generators. These costs, if necessary for the new service, should be covered by the government or other funders.

Submitting your proposal:

Eligibility: We will only consider applications from libraries that are eligible to apply. We will only accept one proposal per library.

Electronic submission: The proposal must be submitted through EIFL’s electronic submission system.

Deadline: Only applications received before or on 14 July 2017 will be accepted. Please note, we will close the Electronic submission system after the deadline.

Evaluation criteria

EIFL-PLIP will assess project proposals based on the following criteria:

1. The project objective  

The project description should be clear, and include detailed information about the target group.

The needs of the target group must be properly understood and explained.

Project goals must address needs and have a lasting, positive impact on the target group.

2. Innovation

The project must be new to the community (not offered in the community / or by the library before).

The project should use appropriate ICT (digital technology) to serve a particular need or needs.

The library must implement the project in partnership with other local organizations.

3. Use of technology

The proposal must describe how the library will use its available computers and internet in the new project, and clearly indicate if additional technology (hardware or software) needed to start the service. 

As noted above, the EIFL-PLIP grant will NOT cover purchase of any computers (including laptop computers) or the cost of internet connections. The library need to use computers and the internet, provided by Addis Ababa culture and toursim bureau.  

4. Partnerships

The application must describe a strong and appropriate partnership(s), clearly define partners’ roles and input. Signed confirmation letters from all partners and co-funders must be attached to the application.

5. Budget

The proposed budget must be realistic, well planned, and accurate.

Cost estimates must be well researched and reflect local market prices. The budget narrative must clearly explain proposed expenses, and the value of any in-kind support.

Though it is not the main criterion, applications that have secured additional funding and / or support for the project from another source will be given a preference.

By ‘another source’ we mean support given from another funder, or local government department, or individual, or business, or partner organization, or the community etc., or a combination of these sources.

In-kind contribution/s should be necessary to carry out the project’s tasks, and may consist of provision of relevant materials and goods, free use of other services and facilities, professional services or volunteer expertise, provision of or access to technology and other equipment, and any other goods or services that the project would otherwise have to pay for.

6. Overall capacity and commitment

Proposals must reflect the capacity and commitment of library and its partners to implement the project and sustain it after the grant ends.  

7. The main dates

The invitation closes on 14 July 2017

Evaluation of proposals will take place from 17 July -  15 September 2017

Feedback to applicants will be provided during evaluation period, indicated above. Signing of contracts will take place in September 2017. We won't sign contract without a proof of reliable electric power supply / installation at the selected public library. 

The contract period will start on the day of signing the contract and end on June or July 2018.

8. Links to resources

Application guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EIFL’s electronic submission system

Eligible countries

Application form

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